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About Polybuild

Polybuild SRL was established in 2004 and is managed by several engineers. Polybuild, with there different teams, allows its customers to carry out their projects within defined deadlines with care and quality. Very quickly, at the start of a project, a relationship of trust is established between the client and Polybuild.
The company

Polybuild aims above all for quality, listening to customer expectations, and everyone's satisfaction in collaborating on great achievements.

After the work, Polybuild remains in contact with the client in order to collaborate if necessary on his move and any question relating to the occupation of his new space.

Travailleurs de la construction sur chan

The construction or transformation of a house involves the presence or passage of a certain number of people. Polybuild ensures that safety and cleanliness are maintained throughout the work.


Polybuild's branding is based on the customer's recognition of a job well done and their satisfaction in working with us. Polybuild will always continue to work with this in mind, which is to everyone's benefit.

Sustainable development
Installation de panneaux solaires

The experience acquired by Polybuild in the field of low energy, passive buildings, insulation, heating and ventilation techniques allows it to position itself at the forefront of these fields, even in renovation where situations are generally more complex than for new buildings.

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