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Our achievements

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our latest achievements

Renovations, Extensions, New constructions

We have had the chance to carry out all kinds of work with our teams, in direct collaboration with the client or through architects.


This ranges from interior fittings to heavy renovation, construction of annexes and of course new constructions.

Offices, stores, Real estate projects, etc.


Our diverse skills allow us to carry out renovation and construction of offices or commercial areas.


We are also involved in real estate projects.

Structural work &
Swimming pools, dams, outdoor facilities, etc.
We carry out projects specific structural works as well as exterior fittings, on more specific customer request.

We master the spraying of "polyurea" paint, waterproof paint used for swimming pools, water tanks or for waterproofing industrial floors or parking surfaces.

Public projects
Hospitals, etc.
We carry out large-scale public works with the mastery of the most cutting-edge techniques, particularly in hospitals and even in renovation.

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